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Why not set a shortcut key like Control+Shift+J, also if you know your computer is logged in pressing Windows Key+M to make sure you are on the desktop and then J should put you on the Jaws icon unless you have other shortcuts which start with J, lastly you can press Windows Key+R and type Jaws2019 all without spaces and press enter. Any of these should start Jaws without having to first start another screenreader.

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I also have a start up problem. Jaws sometimes fails to come on and I have to use N.V.D.A. to get to the Jaws Icon and open it. But, this doesn't always happen. Most of the time, Jaws comes on just fine. go figure. Using Jws 19.


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Listers: With W 10, v.1803 and J2019.

I have jaws set to start up automatically at log in page and after log in.

After boot up in the morning, j2019 opens fine but will not recognize headings, form fields and other elements. It will read a text field. I have tried task switching and page reload, but these do not help. After unloading jaws and reloading it everything works great.

If later in the day, I sign out and back in all works fine.

Any suggestions?


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