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I have been using Security Essentials in Windows 7 ever since it became available and in Windows 10 this now is Windows Defender.
Before then, in the early 2000's I used Eset NOD32, but for the last 10years or so I see no point in free or paid third party solutions. I have 4 works PC's where employees work and need to go online as well as my laptop at home. As long as you make sure you keep Windows updated and use common sense when it comes to clicking on links in emails or opening attachments you get you'll be just fine, I think I once had some sort of virus back in the late 90's and it wasn't anything major, but if you click on something whichinstalls software that locks your computer as in where you fall victim to one of those scams where then you need to pay somebody to unlock it again I doubt that most anti virus software will make a difference.
The nice thing with Windows Defender is that it's just there, I never do anything in terms of consciously updating it, I rarely run deliberate scans and it never seems to really interfere with anything like what you just described.


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Hello group:

Vispero f/k/n FS says that my Avast anti-virus program is interfering with
my attempt to download, and run the 2019 Jaws, and they recommend
removing/uninstalling it.

What anti-virus program are most list users using, and how did you acquire


David Pearson

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