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I rely on either JAWS or NVDA because I can't make out anything on
screen. I find it nearly impossible to adjust settings and perform a
scan (and probably other tasks sighted users can successfully use that I
haven't been able to try) because the information on it's UI is very
garbled (no seperation between words to make sense of what the on screen
information is). I complained a few times but they don't seem to
understand (or care) even though I urged them to have them install NVDA
and try to set settings and use Internet Security to see what frustrates
me. but they just don't understand. yes, I disabled graphics according
to their directions, but my frustration remains because disabling
graphics does not resolve the garbled on screen information. anybody
have a suggestion on resolving my issue?

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I like Eset internet security.

On Nov 6, 2018, at 8:52 PM, David Pearson <>

Hello list:

Currently using "Avast" on my Dell Windows7 64 bit desktop machine.

Would like to swap the Avast for different program. Any recommendations
for something that will work well with Jaws?

Thank you,

David S. Pearson


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