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Not a lot of people know that the built in windows disk cleanup as some additional features which you can’t see when running  disk clean up in the usual way. The below options have been in windows I think since xp, maybe even longer and its completely accessible with Jaws, I’ve always been surprised that windows don’t add these options to their standard disk cleanup tool, but I guess they are advance settings so don’t want the average user deleting stuff they might later want. So that being said  I should probably point out to anyone using the extended disk cleaner settings I mention below to only delete stuff you know you don’t want/need. So its really easy to access just go to run and type the following


cleanmgr sageset:99


This brings up the standard disk cleanup   interface but with more options than just standard disk clean up. You select what you want it to clean up and click ok, which closes the disk cleanup window, then go to run again and then this time type the following to run disk cleanup with the settings you just selected


cleanmgr sagerun:99


hope the above helps





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           You are correct in your assessment of registry cleaners in general, not just CCleaner's (which, at least, must be intentionally run as it's not a part of default cleaning).  I know of no one who's a "tech geek" with any depth of experience who recommends using these.

            For those that are looking for a comprehensive junk file cleaner I'd suggest you take a look at Singular Labs' System Ninja.  I cannot swear that it is accessible, but given both its interface style and its length of remaining relatively unchanged I'd strongly suspect it will be.  At any rate, for personal use it's free so the readership here can certainly download, assess accessibility, and report back.

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