Re: Ccleaner replacement

Chris Hill

c-cleaner was handy for a few limited situations.  I'd never run it just for the heck of it, though.  Registries generally never get enough junk in them that cleaning would make a noticeable difference, and you're always taking the chance that the program will mess things up rather than fix them.  The last time I did some actual testing, a system that I'd been using for a while had about as much in the registry after a complete reinstall as it had had before.  Programs like c-cleaner were solving problems that, for the most part, didn't exist.

On 11/6/2018 15:11, Nino Dagostino wrote:



Has anybody found a replacement for ccleaner I just tried the new version and it is not accessible.


It is my personal  belief Thank you.


they took a big step backward

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