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Jed Barton <jedbarton@...>

well i hit alt B, then pressed enter. I still can't find the bookmark
that i bookmarked, when i hit I. The name of the bookmark that i set
was IPN legacy dispatch. When i keep hitting I, it never shows up.
I'm confused

On 11/6/18, netbat66 <netbat66@...> wrote:
use control b or control i.
this will give you a search box to search the entire bookmark list. but with

this i have to turn off the virtual pc cursor first or firefox will hang for

about 2 minutes.
it does not hang with n v d a.

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when you access the bookmarks list (alt and then b), press enter to
access all bookmarks, and see if your bookmark is in there.

I've got the same issue, and was amazed that there were bookmarks going
in different levels. but wonder if there's a way to move the bookmarks
after showing all bookmarks to the first level of bookmarks.

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Hey guys,

OK, perhaps some of you can help. So i am using the latest jaws, and
the latest firefox. I am bookmarking a website. I know exactly what
i called it. However, i put it in other bookmarks. I bookmarked the
page. However when i brought up my bookmarks, i didn't see it there.
The name of it starts with the letter I, i kept hitting that, and
nothing came up. Very strange. Any ideas on what to do?



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