Re: latest firefox and bookmarks


what shortcut key are you useing to open the list?
use control i or control b. then you will get the entire bookmark list and you can use the search box to find your bookmarks.
also with me the other bookmarks is the last menu in the list so i can just press control end to go directly to it.
you have to open the sub menu first before you can arrow down this list.
if it is closed it will tell you.
this applies to all of the links that are in a sub menu too.

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From: Jed Barton
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Subject: latest firefox and bookmarks

Hey guys,

OK, perhaps some of you can help. So i am using the latest jaws, and
the latest firefox. I am bookmarking a website. I know exactly what
i called it. However, i put it in other bookmarks. I bookmarked the
page. However when i brought up my bookmarks, i didn't see it there.
The name of it starts with the letter I, i kept hitting that, and
nothing came up. Very strange. Any ideas on what to do?


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