Re: JAWS 2018.1808.10 Reports Incorrect File Count in File Explorer

Steve Matzura

I did some testing about this problem  today,  and it seems that if your view is set to Details, that's where the problem rears its ugly head. List view appears to work correctly.

On 11/6/2018 7:11 PM, Vic Beckley wrote:

That's the way it has been ever since I was forced to switch to JAWS from Window-Eyes. You can't get an accurate count.

I have a folder which has over 200 files in it and JAWS always says so-many of 45.


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This has been annoying me for some time now, but today it annoyed me
enough to scare me. I have a directory that I absolutely know has
fifty-one files in it. Sometimes when I'm looking at files toward the
top of the list, JAWS says the file is numbered one of twenty-three, or
maybe some other higher number first, then "of twenty-three," and if I'm
further down the list, JAWS may say "so-and-so of twenty-nine." Never do
I hear "so-and-so of fifty-one." This is in Windows 10, 1803, build 345,
the window is maximized, I'm in list view, I even tried details view,
same thing. Anybody have any i-dears? I'm all ears. LOL

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