Re: Is there a version of firefox that currently works with Jaws

Steve Matzura

Thanks for telling me this. I thought I was  up-to-date.

On 11/6/2018 10:33 AM, Mario wrote:
it should be noted that the version of Firefox Steve talks about is the
Extended Support Release (ESR) version and not the regular Quantum
version which is at 63.0.1.

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Subject: Is there a version of firefox that currently works with Jaws

Yes. The current version, 60.3.4, works well with JAWS  17 and up. A
previous recent version did not work with anything older than JAWS 2018,
but that appears to have been remedied with 60.3, as I discovered just
the other day when I forgot to put JAWS 2018 on, and Firefox did not
give me the message that my screenreading technology had been disabled.
Nice one, Mozilla!

On 11/6/2018 10:13 AM, Kimber Gardner wrote:
Hi All,

I'm getting a new laptop this week and I'm wondering what I should be
doing about a browser. I've used firefox in the past, but I know there
have been lots of problems recently.

So my question is whether those problems have been fixed? Or if not
what browser would people recommend for use with windows 10?

This is my first windows 10 laptop so I'm not sure what works best and
would have the least learning curve.

Thanks for any recommendations.


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