Re: I signing hot keys question

Matthew Horspool

Hi James,

It is possible to do this, but you will need to edit the JKM file by hand.

The syntax for layered keys is:

For example, if I want to announce the time by pressing SHIFT+SPACE, followed by the letter T, I would need to add a line like this:

If you require more comprehensive instructions on how to edit JKM files by hand, please get back to me.

Best wishes,



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Some hot keys in the keyboard manager have the user pressed a modifier key plus the space bar then a letter. Is it possible for you to change these hot keys? If so, how do you assign that kind of a hockey without having jaws just recognize two buttons you push? For example  Whenever I try to assign a function to the  hot key shift plus space bar plus  the letter k, jaws only records shift and the space bar. But, I want to assign a function to shift plus the space bar than the press of a letter.   I think these  are called double layer hot keys. But I’m not sure. Thank you for anyone who can help


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