JAWS 2018.1808.10 Reports Incorrect File Count in File Explorer

Steve Matzura

This has been annoying me for some time now, but today it annoyed me enough to scare me. I have a directory that I absolutely know has fifty-one files in it. Sometimes when I'm looking at files toward the top of the list, JAWS says the file is numbered one of twenty-three, or maybe some other higher number first, then "of twenty-three," and if I'm further down the list, JAWS may say "so-and-so of twenty-nine." Never do I hear "so-and-so of fifty-one." This is in Windows 10, 1803, build 345, the window  is maximized, I'm in list view, I even tried details view, same thing. Anybody have any i-dears? I'm all ears. LOL

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