Re: Loosing Shortcuts For Microsoft Word And Excel In Office 365

Kimber Gardner

That is super handy. Thanks again.

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On Nov 5, 2018, at 11:34 AM, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:

Also, Windows Key + Shift + Number on the number row will start a new instance of the application.
If, for example, Notepad is in position 6 then Windows Key+6 will start Notepad. Let's say you want to open a new blank Notepad file instead of going back to the one already open. Press Windows Key+Shift+6 and a new instance of Notepad opens.
And remember, Windows Key+Alt+6 would bring up the so-called jump list which contains the recently used files, somewhere in Settings you can specify how many you want to show in the jump list, but I'd have to go hunt for that and I have to leave for work now.

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Wow, thanks for that tip. I never knew about that key combo.

On 11/5/18, Tom Behler <tombehler@...> wrote:
Hello, everyone.

Recently, I find that I am constantly loosing shortcuts to Microsoft Word
and Excel in Office 365.

I invoke the shortcuts in the usual way by accessing properties in the
program, but after several days, they simply disappear.

I suspect this might have something to do with Office 365 updates, but
be sure.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?  And, if so, do you have a fix?

I'm using Windows 7 and Jaws 2018 here.

Dr.  Tom Behler From Michigan


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