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James Homuth


It would appear that somewhere along the way we seem to have lost the plot. Ordinarily that in and of itself wouldn't be quite a problem, as you guys are usually pretty good at letting things die down naturally. However, this weekend's rather intense conversations have lead to not one, but I count currently at least 3 active and on-going threads that have left the actual original topic of discussion crying in the corner. Since that's not what this list is here for, I will be going through and closing those threads starting in the next 2 minutes. I would encourage the instigators in the group (you know who you are and so do I) not to take that as an invitation to reopen them. Let's attempt to get back on course, shall we? This is a JAWS list. If you want to discuss the practicality, ethics or worthyness of one man's particular income stream, do it privately.

Also, let's try and be mindful of rule 5 going forward. People get moderated when things get personal. Leet's maybe not get personal. Thanks, and remember, we've all got opinions. There's as much room for theirs as there is for yours. ... Except those Apple dorks. Those guys are just weird.

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