Re: [Bulk] data and audio cds determining track sna dsectors


Not a JAWS question, Marvin. But just try to rip the CD and see if you can
get all the tracks.

Dave Carlson
Composed on a Dell Latitude 630 in the general vicinity of my Audio
Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area.

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Subject: [Bulk] data and audio cds determining track sna dsectors

is there some software on the web, that can check the health of audio and
data cds.
to make sure that the tracks and sectors are okay, and not stratched, or
is there any software that can do that.
any ideas.
ps: just had to throw out one cd.
tried rewriting it three times, but the tracks jumping all over the place.
so have got some blank cds left.
so any ideas.
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