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Dumpster diving? I find that offensive. If you recommend blind people go dumpster diving then you are an idiot. And I don’t care if your offended by that. Deal with it.

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Dumster diving? Is this your sense of humour or are you actually serious?

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Hello again everyone,

Truthfully we've suggested a number of different ideas to different blind individuals for generating needed income to cover the cost of technologhy. Some of these included dumpster diving,becoming certified Braille transcribers and proofreaders along with other ideas. Before writing this note I sent a message to an old schoolfriend of mine who has written a number of books one of which is in audio format. He said that his audio version sold out and he no longer had copies on CD but could provide them in MP3 format. I suggested making his book available through Audible allowing many others to buy it in an audio format and adding an additional source of passive income to his portfolio. That has as much to do with network marketing as this list! All the best.

Peter Donahue

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