Re: Page Breaks in MS Word #cal-notice #excel #advisory

Chris Hill

Yes, using the product number is supposed to work.  My guess is something is going wrong with margins.  They should be fixed right in the label definition, but I've seen it get messed up before.  I've never found a way to fix it either.   It might be worth checking your labels to see if any other numbers would work and trying one of those.

On 11/3/2018 17:10, Marty Hutchings wrote:
I am trying to print mailing labels using the Labels creator in MS Word from Office 2007.  I have set up the template using the product number.  The labels are supposed to have 10 rows and 3 columns, but I keep getting 9 rows with the 10th row appearing on page 2.  I thought that by using the product number, the formatting would be done automatically.  How do I get rid of the page break, so all of the labels appear on the same page?  I have even tried to adjust the margins, but still no joy.

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