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I have never seen Outlook put messages just into the Outbox folder if you press Send by default.
It would help to know which version of Office Michael is using and if he just has his Gmail account set up or if this is email under a different account.
Marty mentioned that this happens a lot with Office 2007 which would explain a lot, I am almost certain that with Office 2013 or even better Office 2016 this would not happen especially not with a Gmail account which is properly set up as an IMAP account. There is no more need to specify incoming and outgoing servers or ports and all that, but in older versions of Office and for POP accounts this is a problem.


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I used to have Outlook set this way, so I could batch my emails to help the slow Internet I had at the time. I believe the solution was to first press alt + s to "send it to the outbox, then control + m would trigger a complete Outlook refresh, including sending out the contents of the outbox. You can also set Outlook to send out messages without need for the extra control m command.


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sounds like instead of Outlook sending the emails out after activating
the send button, it is sending the emails to the outgoing folder first,
effectively giving an opportunity to not send one or make changes before
their sent on their way. . since I don't use Outlook, my suggestion is
that there may very well be a setting to disable that behavior.

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Try hitting alt+s when you are ready to send.


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Hi all, this is Michael and I have a question about using outlook to
send a message.

how can I send a message completely?

Every time when I'm done typing a message and press the send button it
won't send.

When I close Outlook the program ask me do I want to send this message
or unsend.

How ca n I send a message completely?

I was a Window-eyes user for a year.

I also new to Office.

Please respond if you all get any chance.

Best regards

Michael Munn

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