Re: Jaws 2018 an Excel cell reading.


Hello Daniele,


Try the following, sorry, I can of course only explain in English, hope you can find this in your Italian version of Excel:


1. Press Alt+F followed by T for Options, when Options opens you will be on General

2. Type A for Advanced or arrow down until you find it

3. Now press Alt+E or tab 6 times (in the English version of Excel) until you find "Allow Editing Directly in Cells", make sure this checkbox is unchecked.

4. Tab to OK (if you shift tab you get to it a lot faster) and activate it


See if that helps.





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Subject: Re: Jaws 2018 an Excel cell reading.


This can be tricky. One thing I’ve done when faced with this is press F2, as you do, then select all, paste into notepad, then select from there what I want.

Another thing you could do is arrow to the cell, allow jaws to read it, then do jaws key, then space bar, then H. This displays last several things Jaws said and copy from there what you want.




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Subject: Jaws 2018 an Excel cell reading.


my name is Daniele, from Italy.

I use Jaws since a short period, so I'm pretty new to this world,I've studied a lot so I hope my question are not too much noob questions.
Thanks in advance for reading.

During my workflow I use Microsoft Excel Home and Student 2016, Italian version. My Jaws version is 2018 italian language.
I often need to copy text content of a cell in Excel.

What I do is to navigate using arrow keys to a cell.
Jaws gives me correctly audio feedback of the cell content.
Then I press F2 to edit the cell because I need to copy some content of the cell, not the whole content.
Using CTRL Left Right Arrow and CTRL SHIFT Left Right Arrow I navigate the text of the cell and I select the part of text I need.
The problem is that each time I press the combination of keys above, audio feedback is always the whole content of the cell.
So I don't know where is the cursor when I move and what I'm selecting.

Thanks a lot for any help.


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