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Val Paul


I have an acer laptop which came with the function keys working as normal.

The last laptop i had a lenova I had to get someone to go into the bio's to fix it that the function keys behaved as normal. You've got to get sighted help for this.


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I have a desk top computer.


Pastor Gil



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Which I hate and which is why I changed it on my Logitech K780 keyboard so that the F Keys work by themselves as expected. My Asus laptop fortunately had the regular F Key functions without having to do anything, but I have yet to see a laptop where this can't be changed, you may need sighted help for it as in some cases it may be something in the BIOS, you would have to find out from the manual of your laptop how it's done.



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If you want to press the  f numbers you have to press the fn key. 

For example: 

in laptop you want to press Jaws key with f4 key to quit Jaws you press the Jaws key in conjunction with the fn key and f4 to quit Jaws. 


On Nov 3, 2018, at 7:28 AM, Pastor Gil Pries <revgil@...> wrote:

The function keys work by themselves.

So it must work for something else.


Thanks for reply.


Pastor Gil


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That depends on the keyboard and how it is configured.

I bought a Logitech K780 which out of the box required you to press the FN key if you wanted to use a function key when using the keyboard with a Windows PC.

If you pressed a function key without the FN key it would do system functions like increase or decrease screen brightness, turn the TouchPad on or off, raise or lower the volume, mute the sound etc.

For example, in Office applications F12 opens the older style Save As dialogue or in Jaws the Jaws key+F11 speaks the time, Jaws Key+F7 brings up a list of links on a webpage.

So, if I wanted F12 I had to press FN+F12, if I wanted Jaws to speak the time I had to press FN+Jaws Key+F11 etc.

Now, try pressing the Jaws Key (Insert on the Numpad) and FN all the way across on the left and then F7 to bring up a list of links, maybe if your fingers are a foot long you can do it.

I had to download the Logitech Options application which allows me to check a little checkbox which changed this so that when I use the keyboard for Windows the Function Keys just do what they should do without having to press FN.

Now if I want to press F1, F2 or F3 which are the keys which switch the keyboard to my iPhone (F2) or Apple TV (F3) or if I want to lower or increase the volume which is done with F11 and F12 I have to press the FN key, but since I don't do this as often I don't mind and if I press F2 (when I use the keyboard for my PC I have to press FN+F2) to switch to my iPhone then once it has switched I don't need to press the FN key anymore since the keyboard is smart enough to know when it is connected to a PC or to an iPhone or something else.



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Subject: FM Key and Jaws



I got a new keyboard and it has a FM key.

What does it do?




Pastor Gil

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