Jaws 2018 an Excel cell reading.

Daniele Casarola

my name is Daniele, from Italy.

I use Jaws since a short period, so I'm pretty new to this world,I've studied a lot so I hope my question are not too much noob questions.
Thanks in advance for reading.

During my workflow I use Microsoft Excel Home and Student 2016, Italian version. My Jaws version is 2018 italian language.
I often need to copy text content of a cell in Excel.

What I do is to navigate using arrow keys to a cell.
Jaws gives me correctly audio feedback of the cell content.
Then I press F2 to edit the cell because I need to copy some content of the cell, not the whole content.
Using CTRL Left Right Arrow and CTRL SHIFT Left Right Arrow I navigate the text of the cell and I select the part of text I need.
The problem is that each time I press the combination of keys above, audio feedback is always the whole content of the cell.
So I don't know where is the cursor when I move and what I'm selecting.

Thanks a lot for any help.


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