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David <davidwhitehead1957@...>

Hello Richard;
Glad things worked for you.
Yes, it can get quite annoying.

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Thanks! I had the same issue. Your e-mail was perfect!


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Hello try the following;

1, windows-key+e=windows explorer.

2, alt+t=tools,

3, O=options,
Now shift+tab to general.

4, right arrow one time to view tab.

5, now tab to the tree view.

6, now press the letter "u",
You most likely will hear;
Use check boxes to select items on!
Press the spacebar to turn off,
Now tab ok and press enter.

Hope this helps.

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Does anyone know why jaws is saying checked to all the icons on the desktop
and what can be done to fix it?
Also in the internet explorer instead of www it is saying some weird numbers
each time I press a letter.
Any suggestions? All the help is much appreciated.


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