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as I remember, you'll need to download and install the sound pack file
from Microsoft and enable sound feedback in Office 2013. I don't
remember the exact steps to perform the latter.

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How do you switch on Outlook sounds please.


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I don’t’ recall how calendar searches worked in past versions, but here
is what I do in Outlook 2016.  Go into the Calendar. Hit Control E to
the Search edit box.  Type your search term.  If you have office sounds
turned on, you’ll heard a little run of ascending tones as the search
completes.  Now, hit F6 until you hear JAWS say list view then arrow
down through the options.  I noticed in my text just now that it pulls
in calendar related items, such as meeting invitation notices.  In a
home calendar this is likely fine, but certainly adds clutter to search
results in a setting where you send meeting invitations to people.

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Using latest 1803 version, Jaws 2019 and MS office 2016, what is the
most efficient and Jaws friendly way to search the calendar for a past
appointment? Used to do this on Office 2010 and have not since updating
to Office 2016 but old way does not produce the same results. Googled
this but did not find any good answered so before doing more advanced
searches figured I’d check with the list.


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