Re: Which version of Firefox Quantum works best with JAWS 2019?

Milton Ota <mota1252@...>

If you have beta 2 there was a beta 3 that notified you that the final release was available for download and installation.

You will now have to go to and find the download link to get the final release or wait until the DVD arrives in your mailbox. DVD will be shipping shortly.

Original message:

I am upgrading to JAWS 2019 Home Edition. My PC runs Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I want to install Firefox Quantum, but *which version* of it is best? I believe I should install the Windows 64 bit version, but is there anything more to this than that? Seemingly, version 63 is the latest Firefox Quantum for Windows 64 bit, but I think there are other versions, like an “Extended Support Release” or something like that. Previously, I heard that earlier versions of JAWS did not work well with Firefox Quantum but that these problems have been solved. Is that right?

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