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I think considering how so many software solutions move to a subscription based model this is a smart move.

One thing I don’t understand, Josh said you can pay $90 a year, $270 for 3 years or $450 for 5 years.

Those 3 and 5 year terms still work out to $90 a year so why would I spend $270 or $450 up front if I can just pay the same $90 a year? I think if Vispero wants to encourage people to buy a 3-year or 5-year subscription they need to make those a bit less expensive.

$90 a year works out to $7.50 a month. I know a lot of people on various lists have complained about the cost of the SMA which was $120 every two years. That works out to $60 a year or $5 a month. Of course if you can now pay $90 a year and get the latest version of Jaws even if you are 3 or 4 versions behind then that is a fantastic deal.

What would make sense to me is if they would charge say $250 for a 3-year subscription, instead of $7.50 a month that would work out to approx. $6.94 a month and approx. $83.33 a year.

Then maybe the 5-year subscription could be $375 which would be $6.25 a month or $75 a year.

I can also understand that they may not want to discount the price for a longer term in which case you should be able to set up a recurring subscription payment where you get a reminder once a year a month or so in advance just as is the case with an Office 365 subscription. Do nothing and your subscription automatically renews and is charged to your credit card.





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Hey amigo,


Good to hear from you.  You ain't the only one that was behind.


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Hi Michael. I heard you on the last FS Cast live from last via podcast. Anyway my wife and I took advantage of this yesterday since she was still on JAWS V 18 and I didn’t have a version of JAWS on my PC. I commend Vispero for doing this for those who are behind or are on a fixed income like most of here in the US. Folks who use Zoom Text will have this new licensing portal for them on Thursday. I’m happy to have both JAWS and NVDA.


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They mainly did the subscription service for those that are behind in there jaws versions.


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I would have to imagine that the SMA model will be fazed out. Probably just a curtesy for all of us who are on the full licenses to grab the cheaper yearly SMA pricing one last time before the eventual switch over.

I went ahead and upped my SMA since JFW 2019was my last upgrade.

$60 a year now sounds better than $90 or whatever they’re going to charge down the road. Even then, I’d have no issue paying $90 a year for Jaws.




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You could either buy a new SMA, or you could subscribe to jaws for $90 a year, $270 for 3 years or $450 for 5 years of jaws. 


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