Re: Jaws 2018 Window Media Player version 13 Problem rip audio artist cd without automatic rips


hi, press control plus M for the menu where you can arrow in and out of different choices.*you may have to tab to find this menu.** on top of the menu it should have your playlists arrow down until you see unknown cd or artist this is your cd. hit the application key or shift plus f10 arrow down until you see rip cd. if you don't want the cd to start automatically hold down the left shift key after inserting the cd.   good luck

On Tue, 30 Oct 2018 10:09:59 -0400, "O.Addison Gethers" wrote:

Hello All I have desktop computer with window 10 ,usingand Jaws 2018 !! I have window media player when I put audio artist cd in drive the music began to play so I press ctrl S to stop  then when I press tab key it’s say help button then press tab it’s have the artist name with song 1 thru 12 when I heard number 1 is not check I press spacebar to check thru 12 songs name then I press tab it’s say save rip cdbutton then press tab again it’s say rip menu  !! I don’t even hear it say start rip button  when I keep tabbing down ,Does anyone know how I can get cd rips so it can get into  library or something? I’m getting confuse with this ,that’s why I didn’t want automatic rips  at all!! I need some helps here.When I open my music folder the artist that I’m trying to rips is not there from window media player to library!!



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