Re: My apostrophe got messed up

Gudrun Brunot

Hi Mike: Well, that doesn't set my apostrophe back, though, it still doesn't
echo the character when I type it in. Not sure why or what I need to do.


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Hi Gudrun,

Change your punctuation level setting to either Most or All. You can do
this in Jaws quick settings, Jaws key + V, or in the Settings Center, Jaws
key + 6, on the number row then, Control, Shift + D, for default all

Take care. Mike. Go Rams!
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Subject: My apostrophe got messed up

How do I reset JAWS so that my apostrophe gets pronounced as I type? I tried
to have it be a sound, but I found that less useful. I don't mind the sound
as I read text, but I prefer to hear it spoken as "apostrophe" as I type.
I've tried to reset it, but I can't seem to find the right trick.



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