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I endorse everything said about the Aftershokz, but for the issue that he's in a courtroom setting and would likely need/want something a little more
Professional looking or less obtrusive.
The Trekz are kind of trecky looking and while I wear them all day every day, I don't know if I'd do so in a more formal setting such as this.
Just something to keep in mind.

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Hi James, our use the bone induction headphones by aftershock. They are very durable, plus they don’t actually go into the ear canal. So you can clearly hear surrounding Sally, plus you can hear clearly through the headphones which goes through the job bone. They are a bit pricey though, I’ve paid $125 for my three years ago. They are virtually indestructible and have a long battery life. Check them out. Hope this helps.
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I am an attorney and completely blind. I use my laptop in court. Does
anyone know of a single wireless or bluetooth ear piece that works
with jaws? I need one that is just for one ear something like a
Plantronics voyager pro plus if I can find it. I do not think those
one ear dongles like the Voyager pro plus work with laptop bluetooth
for all the time audio do they? Any recommendations would be helpful.
I am getting tired of wired single ear pieces or using full size
headphones while keeping one ear uncovered it looks stupid

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