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Melissa Stott <mstott69@...>

Just tested Audio Ducking, and yes, it finally works again!  Love the quick responses also.




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Simply the fact that Jaws 2019 crashes about 80% or more less often than Jaws 18 and 2018 did is quite a big deal for me. It's also more responsive, Office support is better and improving and audio ducking finally works.

Then there is Skype 8 support, yes it was introduced already in 2018, but will continue to improve in 2019 and just as with iOS 12 I don't think a piece of software or an operating system needs to introduce a long list of new features each year only so that long-standing bugs continue.


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So is it just me or is this year's offering particularly meager?

(Remember, with the unified setup package it has to download the rest

during install rather than when downloading the setup file). The only

item I find at all useful is the faster startup time.


On 10/30/18, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:

> The Jaws 2019 public beta cycle has ended and Jaws 2019 is now available for

> everybody, note you will need an SMA with at least 1 upgrade remaining to

> authorize Jaws 2019 for unrestricted use.

> Here are a couple of the more noteworthy changes:

> New Consolidated Setup Package

> Starting with JAWS 2019, there is now one link to download and install JAWS

> for all supported operating systems and languages. You no longer have to

> choose the correct setup executable based on your system as well as which

> language you need.

> When you begin the setup, the installer automatically detects whether you

> are using 32 or 64-bit and installs the correct components. If you are doing

> a new install and you want to use a different language other than the

> default for your operating system, select the Options button on the first

> installation screen and then choose a language. If you are updating an

> existing installation, the Options button is not available as JAWS detects

> the language already installed and updates using the same language.

> I would add that because of this change the new Jaws 2019 installer file is

> a mere 23.5 Mb instead of the previous installers which were around 180 Mb.

> You can still download an offline installer and here you do have to pick the

> correct one, 32 Bit or 64 Bit, and that installer contains all OCR

> components and so on and it is well over 500 Mb.

> The JAWS Audio Ducking feature is now supported in the Windows 10 Spring

> 2018 Creators update (version 1803) and higher. Audio Ducking causes the

> volume

> of other programs to be lowered while JAWS is speaking. For example, if you

> are listening to music and JAWS begins talking, the volume of the music will

> be slightly lowered so you can comfortably hear JAWS and then raised back to

> its current level when JAWS stops talking.

> By default, audio remains at the same level as JAWS speech. To enable Audio

> Ducking, open the Startup Wizard from the JAWS Help menu and select the

> "Lower the volume of other programs while JAWS is speaking" checkbox located

> on the Speech Settings page. Alternatively, Audio Ducking can be turned on

> through Settings center.

> Finally this feature works as it does on the iPhone and it's fantastic that

> now when you open a website where some annoying and often loud video begins

> to play you can still hear Jaws as you try to find the buttons to stop it.

> Faster JAWS Startup with Grace Period Authorization

> JAWS 2019 introduces a new concept to help ease the delay in response when

> JAWS first launches and looks for authorization. In prior versions, JAWS

> would not fully start until proper authorization was found. Since

> Authorization can include searching for a network license, the amount of

> time before JAWS started speaking could be significant. While it is not

> possible to speed up this period directly, the authorization process will

> now be completed simultaneously

> to startup. As JAWS searches for authorization, it enters a new "grace

> period" authorization state which provides limited functionality, similar to

> what is available on the logon screen, so you can use speech and braille

> while authorization discovery takes place. Once the authorization check has

> finished, JAWS then uses the correct feature set based on the license.

> There are many more features all of which you can read about by activating

> the following link and then just use heading quick keys to find the What's

> New section and read about each new feature.

> What's New in JAWS 2019 Screen Reading

> Software<>

> Click Jaws

> 2019.1810.64<>

> to download the universal installer, the following information is given on

> that page:

> Note: This installer requires an internet connection. If you need to install

> JAWS on a system that does not have an internet connection, follow the link

> below to the offline installer for secure environments.

> If you want one of the offline installers, go to the Offline Installers for

> Secure Environments

> page<> to

> find the one for your system, use heading quick nav keys since there are

> also instructions to create an offline installer package using the new

> installer package.

> Best regards,

> Siegharrd





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