Re: Jaws and youtube


you have to be sure you have focus on the youtube player first.
if you turn off the virtual pc cursor you will have full access to the controls.
but only with the virtual pc cursor off.
f for full screen
j,k,l to go backwards,start and pause playback, and go forward.
sometimes the space bar will start and pause playback.
if you have a full size keyboard use the 4 pack
the left and right arrow will also move back and forward. the up and down arrow will change the playback volume.


Just start pressing B for button, after going to the top of the page with CTRL+home!

Pressing B will get you to all of those controls!

David Moore

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From: Don H
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 7:56 PM
Subject: Jaws and youtube

I am still a newbee when it comes to Jaws. when you open a item in

youtube there are a series of controls which I think are buttons that do

things like make the image full screen. How do you get to these

controls with Jaws?


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