ITUnes 12 warning

James Lockwood

This may have been posted already so if so I am sorry. But iTUnes 12 sucks for accessibility. For me it did anyways. I am using jaws 2018 and updated itunes to 12. Bad mistake. I found it impossible to navigate or return my views of genre artist song from left to right in that order back from how i had it in itunes11. I reverted back to older itunes11. Also, be sure you keep a backup copy of itunes library folder in case you ever want to go back to whatever version you currently have. Once you update older versions of itunes wont be able to read any library files touched by newer versions of iTUnes. Neweversions corrupt them for older versions. Library folder located c users userName appData roaming apple computers itunes folder. Unhide hidden files and protected protected operating files to find it if you dont type it into the address bar instead. Sorry for length. Just thought someone may find it helpful. ITUnes 12 may have been out for a while. But just in case i can save anyone else all the time i have spent last day or so this post will have been worth it

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