a strange focus problem

Jed Barton <jedbarton@...>

Hey guys.

OK, so i am having a very strange problem with all my versions of
jaws. I'm trying to use a program, it's a piece of software used for
programming a 2 way radio. I need to focus on a list of contacts in
the radio. So, i can get to that list, and arrow up and down it with
no problem. The issue is i need to highlight 1 of those contacts. In
order to do that i am doing a left mouse. When i route my jaws to pc
cursor and do a left click, the cursor jumps up 2 contacts, in other
words it changes the focus of what i need to highlight. Any words of
wisdom here guys? I had someone looking at it on the screen, and
that's what it was doing. Any ideas?


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