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Doesn't JAWS need to be on the destination computer in both cases? Isn't the Tandem Server only accessible if both computers have JAWS on them? Doesn't Remote Desktop require JAWES on both ends?

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I'll take a shot:

JAWS has a feature called Tandem Direct which requires the remote computer user to type a code to connect to the controler via the Tandem server or, to answer your question, you can pay a one time charge for a capability for JAWS to use the facility in Windows called Remote Desktop to be able to connect and interact with the remote computer with or without the need to depend on JAWS to be on the remote computer.

I don't think using a VPN would provide the necessary interaction of JAWS to take control of the remote computer like connecting via the Tandem server would provide.

I don't know of any other means of achieving what you're wanting to do, but perhaps others will provide some input.
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I can work as an IT resource for a non-profit organization. I will need to remote into several machines to achieve my job. Is there a tool which will allow me to, using jaws, remote into several systems, achieve the task needed, and then to allow the person to continue their work? I wish to do this remotely. Would VPN allow that to happen? Is there a way to achieve this without having JAWS on the other end; at least in the employee's systems? Thanks!

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If you have any questions on any of the layered commands, do the following:


Then press the Question Mark Key

This will give you a general listing of layered commands and what they do

Or, JAWS+Spacebar

then press one of the layered commands such as O, H, etc.

then press the question mark key.

This will give you specific options for that layered command.

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JAWS key plus space bar, then o, then d.


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What is the command for getting JAWS to read a PDF file with OCR?


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