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hi, I never read the ppl that quote the message they're responding to especially if they have the entire message before the answer. *delete* right away* I usually read the previous message if I want's like going to the movies and getting the endless previews etc. the mc before the main speaker telling lame jokes oh my god I am out of the click again... oh my god it's highschool again.... oh my god this list shouldn't be a popularity contest. my two cents or whatever.    

On Sun, 28 Oct 2018 08:45:01 -0700, "Brian Vogel" wrote:

I also concur, but find the endless quotation of a group of messages, quite often all of them, no more helpful than nothing at all, and sometimes less so.

When it's obvious from the conversation flow what is being responded to then quotation really isn't necessary.  When it is necessary, retention of the actual thing being responded to, and excision of the rest of it, is most helpful, particularly when conflicting opinions have been offered.

I have been castigated for top quoting a line or two to establish context.  I have no intention of changing that practice when it's needed because it is critical for the reader to know what is being responded to.


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