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I am curious.  Normally you need a photocopy of something that is on paper and not in your computer, so I am not certain how your directions below would help for a paper document.  I may not be understanding this of course.






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Also if running win 10 when you

Have the item active do control p for the print dialog and in choose printer box arrow to Microsoft print to p d f


Then when you hit the print button you get a dialog to name the file and after that hit save and then find where you saved it and open it and print it

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Hi Tom,


I am not sure if either of my thoughts fit, but in case they might here they are.


My Canon printer can photocopy without any special software.  There is a button I can press and a photocopy is produced.  Maybe your printer has a similar feature.  Check with tech support on this for the printer company.


Second before this printer was acquired, I used the photocopy feature in Open Book.  It is not free software, but if you already have this program, take advantage of the photocopy feature.


Good luck.





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Can anyone recommend a free photo copier program which works with Jaws and W10?





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