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I’m assuming you have iTunes installed on your win10 computer. To pin it to the task bar, in the start menu, type iTunes.  The app will come up in the list of suggestions likely before you’ve finished typing.  Arrow down to focus on the program in the list of suggestions and hit the context menu key.  Arrow through the choices and choose Pin to Task Bar.


If you want a shortcut on the desktop and there isn’t one already, there are two approaches.  (probably more than two.)  From the aforementioned context menu, choose Open File Location.  Now locate the executable, itunes.exe.  this is easier to do if in File Explorer, you have file extensions showing in the Show-Hide group on the view tab. Once you locate the executable, use the context menu and choose the Send To choice (shortcut key n,) and choose Desktop Create Shortcut.


Approach #2 involves a little geeky step which is easy, and makes the whole operation easy.  Press windows+r for the run dialog and type this as written: shell:appsfolder  A listing of all the apps on your computer will appear.  Find iTunes and press the context menu key.  Find Create Shortcut and press enter.  The system will complain that it cannot create a shortcut here and offer to put one on the desktop, which is of course what you want.


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How can I place an icon for Itunes on my desktop.





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