Looking for a Jaws accessible equalizer for PC


Hello list,

A couple of weeks ago, I was beginning to have issues with my HP Envy’s audio. Major fluctuating in sound. Almost like audioducking, but for the whole system.

Anyway, I did some poking around and looks like it wasn’t an uncommon issue with HP laptops and the Bang and Olufsen sound package that comes with the machine. I followed the instructions included in one forum posting that included the uninstallation of what must have been a bad audio driver and reinstalled the Realtec audio package. The reinstallation was supposed to also reinstall the B&O equalizer, but for whatever reason, it did not.

The crazy audio jumping up and down got resolved and I wasn’t too broken up about the B&O equalizer not getting reinstalled since it wasn’t the most accessible application. Lots of unlabeled buttons, sliders and stuff.

Anyway, I would like to be able to make some tweaks to my laptop’s audio since I don’t necessarily like the tinny/flat sound with Jaws for everything. I’ve always more or less used what’s included in whatever PC I’m on, but would like to know if there’s in fact an accessible equalizer package out there that I can use to make some base/trevel and other adjustments?

Again, not something I’ve ever really bothered with so I wouldn’t know where to look per say.




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