Re: switching folders in Outlook 2016

Kimber Gardner

Another method that works consistently is to press shift, control and
tab which will take you into the folders list. You can arrow up or
down to your desired folder then press enter to access it.


On 10/26/18, george b <> wrote:
Do a control plus y and choose the folder in the list and hit enter
I use this all the time

From: <> On Behalf Of Kevin Meyers
Sent: October 26, 2018 8:56
Subject: switching folders in Outlook 2016


I'm using Windows 10 and Outlook 2016. There are times I switch folders
no problem. There are times I go from one folder to another numerous times
by pressing shift F6 to get the listthe of folders. The only thing that
shows up is mail and then the word button. I press the space bar or enter
key and nothing happens. I then exit Outlook and the cursor is sitting on
the Outlook short cut on the desk top. I press enter and it will not go
Outlook. I then press the windows key and type outlook in on the search
press enter and nothing happens. I look at the task manager and Outlook is
not running. I then go into another app without a problem. I will exit and
the cursor is on the desk top on that certain app. I move down to Outlook
and press enbter. Nothing happens. I then restart and still cannot get into
Outlook. I continue to mess around going into and out of apps. Eventually I
can get into Outlook. What could be causing this problem?




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