Re: Switching To Classic View In Windows 10 for Windows 7-type View


On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 02:09 PM, Marty Hutchings wrote:
It seems a little like we are going back to the days of DOS where we needed to type in the apps that we wanted to open rather than finding it in a list or menu.
Not really.  Even in the days of the Start Menu as it was implemented prior to Windows 10, very few people knew where each and every program they'd ever installed might be located, and it could take a lot longer to dig through your Start Menu to find it than to search for it.  If it was a standalone program, and I still use a lot of those, they never appear in the Start Menu (at least unless you go to lengths to put them there).

I truly love the Cortana search feature, which I've neutered down to just search my machine and not to use speech recognition/personal digital assistant features at all, for finding those applications I don't use all that often and that I don't want cluttering up my desktop or taskbar.  WinKey plus the first few characters of the application name, just enough to be distinctive, has it pop up generally as the first item in the search results and all I do is hit Enter to fire it up.

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