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Val Paul

How do you get the shut down sound, and how do you get to the start can't seem to find that.


On 25/10/2018 16:31, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
I was on the Windows Insider program with this laptop and have 1809 installed. So far I noticed that the shutdown sound plays a lot more consistently than before. I had enabled it by creating an elevated task in the Task Scheduler application although I believe there is also a registry hack available which would be easier.
Having said this I'd like to remind people that just because you hear the shutdown sound the computer has shut down. Just a couple of days ago I shut down my laptop in the morning, the shutdown sound played and I didn't check further. When I came back from work that evening my wife saw that the laptop was still on beccause some program which was running had blocked the shutdown and prompted me to either Force the Shutdown or to Cancel and save my work before trying again. Sometime this dialogue speaks, but I find it is not always the case.


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also, the sound that would play when Windows is instructed to shut down
is gone in Windows 10, but I haven't heard of a way to get it back that
actually works.

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to get the startup sound, you'll need to turn off fast startup. if you
don't, the computer doesn't completely shutdown like in previous
versions of Windows.

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Thanks Richard.

Nice to speak to you again.


On 24/10/2018 13:51, Richard Turner wrote:
It is not recommended to turn off the sign in because it leaves your
system completely open to anyone who might access your computer.  As I
recall you are on Windows 10, if so, tap the Windows key, type account
and hit enter.
Arrow down to sign in options (I think it is called) and you can
change things in there.

You can turn on the Windows startup sound in the Sound schemes.  I
think there is something about Fast Startup skipping the sound but I
don't recall those steps right now.  Not enough coffee this morning,

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Can anyone tell me if you have to log in every time you start up your
pc, or is there away you can avoid doing so?

Also, can you still get the jingle on the start up menue?

Nice to be back on the list with everyone.

Val Paul.


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