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Marty Hutchings

In step 3, there is a Apply button.  Do we need to press it?  As you tab, it is after the OK button.
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4. you will then be prompted for your login details before you can close the below dialog, just enter your username and password and click ok



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if you absolutely don't want to sign in when you bootup your computer,

you can do the following to have the computer boot directly to the desktop.



once your computer has booted up to the desktop,


1, windows-key+r=run,

2, type in:  netplwiz press enter,


3, you should see this text,

Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.

check box checked,

you need to uncheck this box.

now you need to go to ok button.



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Subject: signing in after start up




Can anyone tell me if you have to log in every time you start up your

pc, or is there away you can avoid doing so?


Also, can you still get the jingle on the start up menue?


Nice to be back on the list with everyone.



Val Paul.









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