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You are correct, the site is poorly coded. The site is That is Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Association. The home page has way to much text. Jaws reformats the screen and what shows up at the bottom of the screen for someone with sight, appears in the middle of the screen when Jaws reads it. I’m using Jaws2018 most recent version. I did talk with the person that makes changes to the site expressing my concerns. The sport of goal ball is the first sport that has been recently added. Today or tomorrow there would be some changes made. Let me know what you find. The calendar is on the page that comes up when you press enter on the ‘master calendar’ link. There were to many changes I wanted to provide. I thought it would be good to make changes in stages.






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The site is probably poorly coded.  It would be interesting to compare how other screen readers handle it, if you want to give the Url.  It may also matter what version of JAWS you are running. If there’s a way to get JAWS to change its view of such sites, I don’t know about it.


Thought-provoking reading:


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Subject: calendar on web site




On a web site there is a calendar used to show dates and time of sporting events. Jaws reads it as three different tables. The first one is the day of the week (Sun, Mon, Tue, etc). Then next table shows the DD (1, 2, 3, 4, etc. The third table shows the time first on the table and then the actual event.


Is there a way to make Jaws read the calendar so it shows day of week  (Sun, Mon, Tue, etc), DD (1, 2, 3, etc) and the time and actual event on one line of one table?






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