Re: NS Word and JAWS Becoming Sluggish with Large File

Richard B. McDonald

Hi Chris!


Huh, this is interesting.  Well, my c: drive is a solid state drive (SSD).  Does error checking appertain to an SSD as it does as regards a hard disk drive (HDD)?  Does an SSD have “sectors” as does an HDD?





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Subject: Re: NS Word and JAWS Becoming Sluggish with Large File




 I used a similar setup for many years with one document that is currently near 400 pages without a problem.  First thing I'd do in your situation is to scan your disk for errors, even if windows says it is fine make it scan anyway.  I've found an epidemic of disk errors on my machines lately, fixing them usually improves the speed.  Open up this pc, get properties on your c: drive, go to tools and run error checking on your drive.




On 10/20/2018 03:10, Richard B. McDonald wrote:



I use MS Word 2007.  As I have begun working with a Word file that is becoming large (e.g., 20+ pages), JAWS seems to be getting increasingly sluggish and mixed-up.  Has anyone seen this before?  Might upgrading to a newer version of Word (really, MS Office) improve this; say like MS Office 2016 or even MS Office 2019?  I am not interested in MS Office 365 because I do not want to be cloud-based.  My system is Windows 7 Pro running JAWS 15, both 64 bit.  My computer is a Pentium i5 with 8 GB of RAN and >91 GB of free disk space on a 256 GB SSD.





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