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hi, I wonder why people keep using winamp, I haven't used it for many many years now,

so I really want to know some features about this winamp  beta, if someone already tryed it out.

Mostly I'm interested in listening to audiobooks so, it's easy to know current and remaining time? and,

does winamp allow to resume so I can stop and re take later my audiobook?

thanks for further information.

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El 19/10/2018 a las 12:23, Bill White escribió:

Hi, Maria. It replaces the old Winamp. As with any beta install, I would keep a copy of the old Winamp installer, in case there are bugs, or in case you don’t like the behavior of the new beta.


Bill White




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I have the old Winamp.  Will this replace it or work as a separate entity?


Maria Campbell
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On 10/19/2018 1:22 PM, Bill White wrote:

Just wanted to notify those who are interested that there is a new Winamp beta on>downloads. It is:




Bill White





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