Re: What Are People Using For Twitter

Steve Matzura

CN is definitely out since direct messaging no longer  works therein.

 TW Blue is a good alternative, although there are some quirks with it. First, If you send a direct message and manually enter the recipient's Twitter name, then tab to the text field, TW Blue thinks you're replying to  whatever message happens to be in focus in its internal list, but the message does in fact go to its intended recipient. Second, If you have never activated a Twitter account using TW Blue, you must use what's called a snapshot build, which you can get from the TW Blue Website, Snapshot builds have some extra code in them that uses Twitter's old way of authorizing a new application. TW Blue does have a keymap for Chicken Nugget. It isn't perfect, but once one gets used to it, it does do what it's supposed to.

On 10/18/2018 5:04 PM, Scott Rumery wrote:

I use to use both Chicken Nugget and TW Blue for Twitter on my computer but neither of those apps will work for me now so I am wondering what you all use for Twitter these days? Are there any other accessible Twitter clients out there or are we pretty much out of luck when it comes to using Twitter on the PC?


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