Reporting Issues with JAWS to Vispero Technical Support


I know that there are a great many seasoned JAWS users here who have the art of trouble reporting to Vispero (formerly VFO, formerly Freedom Scientific) perfected.  I also know that there are a great many new JAWS users who are reading at any given time who have no idea how to do so.  I have two current clients where we have been encountering bugs with JAWS who had absolutely no idea of how to report these to Vispero.  So, this evening I put together a brief "how to" document for those clients, and I thought I'd share that here in case someone else might find it useful.

Reporting Issues with JAWS to Vispero (formerly VFO, formerly Freedom Scientific) Technical Support

As of this date, 10/19/2018, the e-mail address for Vispero Technical Support is Support@....  I personally prefer to use this method if I have to report a lot of specific steps to reproduce a problem.  I compose the e-mail as I take each step, adding them as I go along, so that I forget nothing.

They can also be reached by phone at (727) 803-8600, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 9:00 PM Eastern time.  I have found the phone support reps to be very helpful, particularly if you have a problem that’s time critical and that you need to get a fix or workaround for as soon as possible.

Things to remember with regard to working with technical support:

1.       It is impossible to fix something that cannot be reproduced.  Some issues are intermittent, and support will realize this, but if you are able to give the specific steps to make something happen that’s “the gold standard” of trouble reporting.

2.       If the issue is with behavior on a specific webpage, and that webpage does not require login credentials or otherwise have private information (e.g., certain Google Drive pages that are shared with you), please supply the web address of the page as part of the report.

3.      If you are having problems finding something using JAWS find that either:

a.      A sighted assistant is telling you that they can actually see on a page.

b.      You can find if you do brute force tabbing around a page.

definitely report this.  This is particularly critical on webpages where any object, whether a link, button, etc., etc., that is present is not being recognized by a JAWS find.

4.      If the issue is occurring with a specific program, identify the program as well as the version, e.g, Word 2013, Chrome 69.0.3497.100, etc.  In addition, please include the version of JAWS and Windows you’re working with.

You are helping not only yourself, but a huge number of other JAWS users by taking the time to submit reports, whether by e-mail or phone call.  The folks at Vispero cannot fix issues they are not aware of, and any really complex piece of software like JAWS will have issues that “flew under the radar” during testing.



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