Re: Strange Excel Problem

Tom Behler



Your steps worked flawlessly, so thanks very much.


Not sure how or why the formatting of that one cell got changed, but at least I now know what to do if the problem occurs again.


Tom Behler



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Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 9:50 PM
Subject: Re: Strange Excel Problem


Not sure what might be wrong except that the cell is formatted incorrectly.

When you are on where it says 15 Oct just press Control+1, tab once and make sure the category is “Date”, then tab once more to the “Type” field and select the format you want.


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Subject: Strange Excel Problem


Hello, everyone.


Today, I noticed a very strange problem with an Excel spreadsheet that I’m working with.


Typically, when I enter dates into the spreadsheet, I do the following:


For today:  I’d enter 10/15/2018.


This process has worked flawlessly for all dates except for today’s date.


When I enter today’s date as noted above, Jaws reads 15oct.


I even tried entering tomorrow’s date in the next row of the spreadsheet, and it went back to my preferred listing:  10/17/2018.


Can anyone tell me what might be wrong with the October 15th row and first spreadsheet cell for today?


I don’t understand why this particular row is acting so strangely.


I also don’t know how to correct the situation.


Thanks for any assistance.


Tom Behler


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