Re: JAWS Starts Speaking In a Different Language

Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

The culprit is Automatic Language Switching, a desirable feature if you use foreign languages, and not if you do not. Press insert+6 from wherever the problem occurs to go into the Setting Center, type language into the search box, arrow down to automatic language switching, and turn it off. If you do not use any foreign languages, perhaps when you first land in the setting center, press shift+ctrl+d to go to the default settings file and make the change from there.

Thought-provoking reading:

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Subject: JAWS Starts Speaking In a Different Language

Hi All,

One issue that I am facing while using JAWS 2018 is that it starts
reading stuff in a different foreign language from time to time, even
though others are able to read it in English. What can be done here?


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