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Just remember while the stuff you do online is hidden from being detected by other is coming from your location, it is not automatically  hidden from somr VPN providers 

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Hi Joe,


Others may comment on the accessibility of VPN software, but with many VPN providers, it’s not necessary to use a client at all.  You can simply enter in the various usernames, passwords and server settings manually into Windows itself.  While it’s not for everyone, it’s no more complicated than configuring an email address manually in say Outlook, and you obviously have a wider range of providers (any that publish the necessary server addresses) as you aren’t restricted by the accessibility of their software.


I use Hide My Ass and like it, I have no idea bout the accessibility of its software though.






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Good Afternoon Folks,


At one of my two different jobs I am starting to feel that I need to be behind a VPN and quite honestly in this day and age of everyone tracking every step you take it might not be a bad thing as a whole for e. Having said that are there any accessible VPNs that anyone would recommend a friend of mine uses Express VPN however, he is not visually impaired so I have no idea about that particular one or not. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.






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