JAWS 2019 Beta 3, J2019.1810.35.400 Download Link + What's New

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Hi All,
Below is the direct download link for both 32 & 64 bit systems + what's new in this release.
32 & 64 Bit:
What's new in this release:
The following is a list of improvements made between Public Beta 2 and Public Beta 3. Note that while many customer-reported enhancements are included
in this release, the following is a list of more notable changes.
Help Improve Freedom Scientific Products
JAWS 2019 includes a new option which allows us to collect anonymous usage information that is generated as you use the software for your daily tasks.
This data helps us continue to make improvements as well as more easily locate and address problems. Collected data includes JAWS version, operating system
version, language, country, as well as information on various JAWS settings such as the current synthesizer, braille display, and braille table.
If you choose to participate, no spoken or braille content is collected and no data is shared with any parties outside of Freedom Scientific. The data
we collect strictly helps us better understand how our software is being used in the field so we can quickly make enhancements to features being used the
most by our customers. If you choose not to participate, then no usage data is collected and transmitted.
You can change your selection at any time by doing the following:
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1. Press INSERT+6 on the number row to open Settings Center and press CTRL+SHIFT+D to load the default settings file.
2. Navigate to Miscellaneous in the tree view and press RIGHT ARROW to expand the group.
3. Use the SPACEBAR to select or clear the "Submit Anonymous Usage Data" check box.
4. Press ENTER to save your change and close Settings Center.
list end
You can also choose whether or not to participate in this program through the Startup Wizard located in the JAWS Help menu.
Other Changes
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• In response to customer feedback, JAWS now supports grade 1 literary braille input for languages such as English that offer more than one type of braille
output. For example, if you open the Braille Translation group in Settings Center and set the output to Unified English Braille Grade 1, you will now be
able to choose between computer braille or Unified English Braille Grade 1 for input.
• Resolved an issue where Vocalizer Expressive voices installed with certain languages were being removed during a JAWS uninstall.
• Resolved a reported issue where the wrong help message was being displayed for the "When pausing during character navigation, speak character phonetically"
option in Settings Center.
• Resolved an issue in Microsoft Office with content not being properly aligned in braille when using a language such as Hebrew that displays text using
• Resolved a customer reported issue where page breaks in Word documents were not being announced by JAWS.
• Addressed a reported issue where Microsoft Word would sometimes close unexpectedly when attempting to edit after spell checking a document.
• In the Windows 10 calculator, resolved an issue where the result was not being spoken automatically.
• A customer using Java SwingSet reported that after restarting JAWS, text was no longer read correctly. This has been resolved.
• Addressed a reported issue where a Say All (INSERT+DOWN ARROW) was not working as expected in a Citrix published desktop after locking the client system.
• If Braille Mode is turned off in Google Docs, resolved an issue where the BACKSPACE key was not deleting text as expected.
• Addressed a customer reported issue with JAWS not reading the ampersand character in Firefox.
• Addressed several localization issues with Russian and Hebrew.
list end
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