Re: reading cell content in Excel with Braille

Debby Hill

Hi Ann,

When I saw your message I thought I had the answer, but I am using Excel
2010 and you are using 2016, so I don't know if what I am going to say will
apply. My settings in JAWS 2018 have Braille mode as structured, and braille
mode "active cell." I looked at my settings using JAWSkey V. My display does
read the result of the formula. On this computer I am using a Focus 80.

Hope this helps some!


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Subject: reading cell content in Excel with Braille

Excel 2016, Jaws 2018 and 2019.

The amount in cell p6, calculated by a formula, is 101188. JAWS
speaks this clearly, saying "101188, has formula." The Braille
display, however, displays only "has formula". If I have JAWS set to
speak cell contents and coordinates, p6 says "p 6", but not the
content of the cell
. Turning off the coordinates gives me 'has formula'. How do I make
the display show me the stinkin' 101188
in the cell???

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